Windows 10 Product Keys (Bit 32, 64)

The widely running operating system Windows 10 was released in 2015 in order to assist millions of users worldwide. It is the updated, latest and popular version of windows which lets the user stay connected with amazing features seamlessly. It is fast, easy and very attractive. Despite its attractive features and built-in tools, a user has to face consequences to activate the windows if he/she does not own digital license. So, whether you are repairing your windows or reinstalling it completely, you will need windows 10 product keys for activation. It is also known as serial key which varies from version to version.

Why Windows 10 is unique?

The regular users of Windows 10 cannot deny that it offers amazing security features and innovative tools for the assistance of users. It secures every sort of device by making it more creative and productive. Win 10 contains combined features of Windows 8 and Windows 7 that allows it to stand out from other Windows versions.
With its uniqueness and easy to use features, it is able to grab the attention of many users worldwide who are contributing services in various fields. Before the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft enabled users to try out the technical preview which actually proved a great success to attract IT professionals and tech expert.


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Activate window and office products

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Virus free and Safe (Clean)

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Lifetime Activation

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No fraud or detection Problems.

How to install Windows 10 and Activate?

Windows 10 is the unique operating system. It makes people happy and welcome beginners warmly. Many beginners have switched to Windows 10 because of its exciting features and advanced options. It is available in many versions and fulfills the needs of almost all users. If you are a non-commercial user or a home user, it is best to use Windows 10 home version. If you need windows for your organization, it is recommended to use Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise version. However, student version is separate.

During the installation of windows 10, product key activation is required otherwise you won't be able to proceed with the installation process. It is necessary to enter a valid product key. If you are installing windows for a trial process, it is best to try out generic Windows 10 product keys which will expire after 30 days.

Without using product key, you will be using the trial version of windows which may expire after some days. So, it means it is essential to activate the copy of windows in order to avail features properly. To enjoy the lifetime features, it is best to activate windows.

Step by step Procedure to upgrade windows 10

During the installation process, you do not have to worry about any checking. Just sit and relax. Within minutes, you will get a chance to discover the magic. As you have downloaded the windows by using assistive technologies, so there will be some additional tools offered for better assistance such as

This is a simple and a genuine method which anyone can use for a lifetime. Due to some reason, if your windows crash, you can reinstall it and use it for free in future.

Pattern of a Product Key

Windows 10 product key consists of 25 characters used to activate windows and allowing the administrator to utilize complete features. However, a product key may look like this Product Key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
While reinstalling Windows 10, you definitely do not need Windows product key. Remember, if you are upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, then a digital license will be required instead of the product key.  

Why Choose Windows 10?

Windows 10 is popular among users because of its versatile features and amazing advanced options which allows users to enjoy unlimited flexibility. You will surely be unaware of the fact that on the first day of Windows 10 release, Microsoft was successful to sell 14 million copies including the ones which were downloaded by users online. It is true that Windows 10 have shown great advancements in its operating system. It is one of the smart and advanced windows ever created.